Syselio Consulting

Proposed missions

Application security audit missions

IS strategic audit

IS architecture analyzes

quantification of projects or interventions

studies leading to the production of specifications

the improvement of development methods and codes


Syselio mobilizes its expertise and skills to reflect on your side and so provide advice that will facilitate your decision. Exploring your topics in depth will be the object of our attention.

By your side

The Syselio consultant integrates your vision. Whether it is a coding resource or a pure consulting dimension, supporting expertise Syselio will work with you to complete the file.


Syselio does it with what you have and the budget you can get. We will always find solutions to move forward.

Strategic dimension

Vision and listening. We integrate the sensitivity of your project and lay the foundations for your ultimate goals. Often, intermediate steps are necessary.


Syselio is also responsible. We exchange on a continuous basis the progress of the work to adjust but also to rely on your expertise. A regular inventory is made to ensure the smooth running of the suite.