Syselio Ergolab


Your users will have to spend some time in front of your interface. The tool must be visually engaging and correspond to the expectations of those employees who will be first in line.

Studying workflows

In summarizing the actions and the necessary features, Syselio determines the main ergonomic needs of your application. Once identified, these will be combined with the expectations of users and decision makers.

Understanding User

Your user asks a lot, he has habits, expectations and should not be taken lightly because it will be the military arm. So we must listen and extract the fundamental elements that will condition the future acceptance of your new application.


The storyboarding phase allows to flatten the application idea and be able to visualize its actual use. With this working document, policy makers and users set the scene for optimal results. Syselio enjoys in this area of great experience and master this critical process.

Graphics and integration

Crucial, this graphic study supports the validity of your tool for optimal acceptance while assimilating constraints.