Syselio Pilotage

Missions carried out

Project management with internal resources

External resource assembly

Planning projects

Specification writing with action plan


You lack the time to make your plans, thanks to Syselio you can drive your projects in parallel. We bring together our project methodology and technical expertise to enable you to move forward on some-some are your resources topics.

In your side

You lack the time and you can not manage more resources. Syselio piggybacks to your team and outsources the management of your projects in standby. Part of your strike force, the Syselio manager manages your resources while your right arm.

In concert

A follow-up to the card. Depending on the way you work, your overload or simply your budget, flexible Syselio driver accompanies you depending on possibilities and availability. At your own pace, we continue to advance your pieces and you keep control of your costs.

Our commitment

Beyond a simple oversight project, Syselio engages and invests as a sustainable internal partner. Taking into account all your constraints and complexities, we act in unison with your overall strategy scrupulously respecting your expertise. Syselio ensures the continuity of efforts and guarantee the result.

By outsourcing a project driving, we reduce your load while working in your way. As a true driver's work, the manager Syselio your armed wing.
David Berrin